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    To bring up a verb disappears in itself, unites three different actions: to operate, learn and communicate.We have to operate children while they small, we have to teach them, but is quite frequent we it and we are limited, laying aside, omitting the most important pedagogical action communication.Also it is possible to understand, why we are inclined to omit communication, it is incompatible with management and the doctrine!It is necessary for the doctrine that the teacher surpassed the pupil in knowledge or experience.  Art is necessary for it for maintenance of own spirit.If the spirit of the person is low, behind the book, at cinema or at theater he has only a good time, time kills.It is more than that, it is possible to be the judge of art, it is fine to know history it and to be absolutely spiritless person.And art can be spiritless if in it it is not visible, the aspiration to the truth and good is not shown.In that case we say that before us not art, and a fake under it, because art always dukhopodjemno in it its appointment.  Change of adjectives on childbirth and numbers.Ripe apple.Ripe apples.It is a lot of ripe apples.Whether correctly I told?Correct my error.Ripe apple.What apples happen?Sweet.Sweet lemon.Lemon sour.What lemons happen?Sour.Add the third word with a sound with.Tomato red, ripe.Coordination of nouns with a numeral.Count subjects.How many them?Coordination of nouns with an adjective, with a numeral.  Mother rattled pans and frying pans and with noise clapped doors of buffet in kitchen.Judee silently approached her behind, carefully touched her for a foot and told: When I become angry about somebody, I go to the room and I start thinking of something pleasant and cheerful When all bad thoughts pass, I again leave the room.Mother with the father looked in eyes each other, their rage was considerably reduced, and they timidly smiled.Whether it is necessary to say that their quarrel on it ended, and next time before becoming angry, mother constantly remembered to what her own daughter taught.  Program content of occupations: to develop creative imagination; to teach children to create new images, using a traf reta of geometrical forms to select color scale.Materials: paper, set of cliches, colored pencils, pieces of chalk.Occupation New toys.Suggest children to think up and draw such toys which do not sell in Toy Store which are not present on light, and there is a strong wish to have.In younger groups it is possible to suggest children not to draw, and to spread drawing from the cutout geometrical forms.  And through some occupations he, perhaps, in general will grow cold to the game offered it.The designated time happens quite enough to execute one two works and attentively to consider them.Do not forget, the child waits from you for approval!He wants that its work was pleasant to all.Be glad to its progress and do not deride the young artist in case of failure at all.It does not matter that did not turn out.It will turn out next time.  Here still some arguments against corporal punishments.In corporal punishment there is no need.There are more effective alternatives excluding violence over children and danger of causing harm by it.Corporal punishment mixes two absolutely incomparable concepts disciplinary influence and punishment.Disciplinary, or corrective, influence is applied with the purpose to teach something while punishment is applied for control and punishment.Small children do not commit the crimes demanding a severe penalty.
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